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Welcome to the Harmonix website where we have endeavoured to bring the harmonica right up to date, both in design and, with the use of modern technological advancements.

Harmonix harmonicas are distributed worldwide. For information about local stockists go to the “International distributors” page and click on the relevant distributor who will be able to help you.

If you have arrived at this site via haRmonic Solutions it is not a mistake..!! The haRmonic Solutions site has been incorporated into the Harmonix site and those old favourites can still be found on the products page. Click on “Other Products” to find out more.

News Flash
2015 looks like a promising year for new innovations and collaborations in the harmonica world. Gigging live always presents it`s own issues and trying to get the music over without technology getting in the way is pretty hard sometimes. Harmonix has been working hard behind the scenes on exactly these issues. So, not only is there an electric harmonica in existance now but, coming on stream very soon is a close miking system that has used Harmonix know-how in its development. It does away with a mic on a stand in front of a CAB, it removes the vagueries of finding the "Sweet Spot", it removes spillage pick up and therefore feedback, it cuts sound checking to just 10 minutes and it rids you of the clutter you trip over and dislodge on stage. We`re kicking off with 10" & 12" speaker sizes but will follow up quickly with 8" & 15" versions. Want to know more?????? e.mail and ask "what is SAM?"

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